Turning Point Acupuncture

What's Five Element

Classical Five Element Acupuncture

The style of Acupuncture I practice is known as Classical Five Element.  It's basic philosophy is that no single symptom can be understood except in its relationship to a whole complex pattern. 

Say for example, I have ten patients who come to me with a western diagnosis of insomnia.  After a thorough intake, it quickly becomes clear that every patient will receive very different treatments from one another.  Even though each patient may have the same physical symptoms, they underlying causes may be different.  I will tailor the treatments for each unique patient looking at the whole picture, not just the single symptom.   

Five Element Acupuncture also recognizes that all life manifests through the movement of cycles, and the treatments honor these natural rhythms.  The ancient Chinese know there are connections between seasons of the year and various ailments.  The Nei Ching, the 3,000 year old Chinese medical text states:  "The Sages followed the laws of nature and the cycles of the seasons and therefore their bodies were free from disease".     

Each one of the Five Elements are associated with a season. The seasons serve as metaphors for understanding the phases of energy in nature and in ourselves.  Each season has its own unique energetic, which in turn brings its own healing properties.