Turning Point Acupuncture

About Me

I was inspired to become an Acupuncture Practitioner as a result of the wonderful benefits I received as an acupuncture patient.  I began my studies at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, located in Laurel, Maryland in 1999.  At that time I had my own business as a Certified Massage Therapist (Potamac Massage Therapy Institute, Washigton DC, 1996).  The five years prior, I had used my BS in Social Work (College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN, 1991) to work with a variety of people and situations.  My training and experience in massage therapy gave me a solid foundation in musculoskeletal anatomy and injuries, while my social work background gave me exposure to communicating with people one on one.  I discovered that Classical Five Element Acupuncture provided me with a medium to bridge these two fields.  I started my acupuncture practice in 2002 and recently have had the good fortune to open my office door at Lake Pointe Wellness in Minneapolis.